Platform One: Your events place in Tagaytay

If you’re looking for an events place in Tagaytay, you can’t go wrong with Platform One at The Junction Tagaytay.

Able to fit 200 people, this 315-square meter events hall is the perfect venue for your events, milestones, and once-in-a-lifetime moments.

What’s more, the management of Platform One can help you on organizing your event. No idea or dream is far-fetched on how you want your event to happen.

Platform One: Why Tagaytay?

We all have our ideas of how to mark the best moments in your life, whether this is for your upcoming nuptials or a grand birthday party for a beloved parent or grandparent.

One thing great about having your event happen in Tagaytay is– aside from its cool ambience and beautiful view– its relative distance away from the city without being too far.

This makes Tagaytay the perfect location for your event as it allows your family and friends to celebrate with you. At the same time, it makes the place far enough from the always-busy city.

After all, your event is supposed to be special. That’s why you’re taking some time away from the usual grind of day-to-day to celebrate it.

Platform One: No event too small or too big

What’s more, you can hold other types of events in Platform One. Planning a seminar or a concert? Our events place has a high-tech sound system and natural acoustics that make it ideal for your events needs.

If you need a wedding reception or a ballroom hall for your debut, Platform One is versatile enough to be transformed into the perfect setting.

It can also be divided into smaller halls for exhibitions, expos, and even trade shows.

So whether you want a simple set-up or an elaborate affair, talk to us. Tell us your vision: how do you see your event happening? We can make it happen.

Platform One: Your events place all in one

What makes Platform One the ideal combination for your events is how it works in conjunction with The Junction Tagaytay and the Bells & Whistles Restaurant.

The Junction Tagaytay offers the best hotel to stay in Tagaytay while Bells & Whistles Restaurant offers great food and entertainment.

Taken together, Platform One has everything you need for your event requirements, whether you’re setting up corporate activities, weddings, celebrations, or parties.

So for your events needs, why not check out Platform One in Tagaytay? Trust us, we can help you make your dream events come true.


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