Tagaytay ghost stories for Halloween

Though Tagaytay ghost stories aren’t as many as Baguio ghost stories, it’s not surprising that Tagaytay has a few thanks to that creepy feeling you get when the fog rolls in to cover the city.

Here are a few ghost stories we’ve discovered online, perfect for the coming Halloween. Of course, we’re not saying any of these are true. But they’re certainly scary enough to raise chills.

Tagaytay ghost stories: The humming

A lot of the ghost stories in Tagaytay involve houses. This isn’t surprising given that there are a lot of empty houses in the area because they’re either rest houses or retreat houses.

In one story, a group of graduating school kids went up to a retreat house for a spiritual retreat. On their last day, they were writing a letter to their parents when they heard someone humming.

At first they tried to ignore the strange sound but as it became louder, they realized that it was coming from one floor above them– and they knew there wasn’t anybody there.

The pastor who was conducting the retreat tried to cover up the sound by playing his cassette tape, but it kept stopping and repeating itself like it was broken.

Eventually, the pastor let them out for an early lunch and some of the students went to investigate the strange sound they heard. But they didn’t find anything in the room.

Tagaytay ghost stories: The doppelganger

In another story, a balikbayan from the US came back to the Philippines and went to a rest house in Tagaytay with her extended family.

Because the rest house had a swimming pool, most of the family went for a swim. However, the balikbayan decided to unpack her stuff first in the house.

Inside the house, the balikbayan asked help from the maid to look for her swimsuit. However, the maid pointedly ignored her. Frustrated, the balikbayan got the swimsuit and went out.

That’s when she saw the same maid already swimming in the pool. When she asked the maid if she had been inside the house, the maid said she was actually one of the first to go swimming.

Tagaytay ghost stories: The white mansion

In one part of Tagaytay, there’s a white mansion that cam be seen from the town. It’s located near a shortcut road leading to Tagaytay.

This area has supposedly experienced a number of supernatural occurrences, and even the shortcut itself is known for being unnaturally tricky.

The mansion was once owned by a rich mestizo family that had disappeared under mysterious circumstances. Now they haunt both the mansion and the area.

Tagaytay ghost stories: The old man

Our fourth story has a family booking their stay in a well-known resort in Tagaytay. One night, one of them experienced her bed shaking as though there was an earthquake.

However, the bed she was lying in was made of mahogany wood and it should have been too heavy to be shaken by just anyone. Likewise, when she looked at the nearby bed where her daughter was sleeping, it wasn’t shaking.

That was when she felt someone pulling down her blanket and breathing near her. When she turned to look, she saw an old frail man wearing a barong and surrounded by light.

Frozen in fear, she couldn’t move until morning came.

So, have you heard any other ghost stories in Tagaytay?


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